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Edition 12.19 Yamagami's Garden Center May 10, 2012
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"In order to live off a garden, you practically have to live in it."
~Frank McKinney Hubbard

Celebrate Mom!

Yamagami's Nursery is celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday, May 12th and 13th with a Rose Sale. 30% OFF any rose plant in stock. Way better than cut roses, the plants will keep on giving.

We are also offering for that weekend, a FREE Proven Winner quart-size plant of your choice with any purchase. Look for a special price on all our Proven Winner quart-size plants for the weekend.

If roses aren't right for your mom, don't worry--we have lots of gift choices for both gardening and non-gardening moms. Let us help you find that something special for your mom.

Ed's Millennium Tomatoes and More!!

Our cool spring meant a late start for lots of tomatoes and peppers, but they are starting to arrive now. Just off the truck is a very limited supply of Ed's Millennium tomato. This taste treat is a Brandywine selection made by a local Master Gardener. Since the very first time I tasted it, it has been my favorite tomato for its rich tomato flavor. It's a huge red heirloom variety with thin skin, very meaty, and few seeds. If you too have been awaiting its arrival, get here quick! Our tomato selection is now at its peak.

New peppers are arriving every week, including some hard-to-find varieties like manzano (Rocoto). Some peppers are still on their way including 'Padron' and 'Villancho.' Pepper selection should be at its peak by the end of the month. Cucumber, eggplant, and melon selections are nearly complete.

Come to Yamagami's for the best vegetable selection around. Let us help you grow your own tasty harvests.

May Planting Special:

Gardner & Bloome
Planting Mix and Harvest Supreme
Buy Three and Get 1 FREE!

Whether you are planting flowers, trees and shrubs, or vegetables; these are the products you need to succeed.

Work all organic Gardner & Bloome products into your soil when planting to get your plants off to a great start.

Use Planting Mix for permanent plantings and Harvest Supreme for annual flowers and vegetables.

Follow our FREE planting guides to success.
You'll find them on, our website, under Garden Guides, or here in the nursery.

Take advantage of our May Planting Special and save!

Yes, you can mix and match Gardner & Bloome Planting Mix and Harvest Supreme for this special offer.

Happy Planting!

Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip' Buddleja

Looking for a long-blooming, easy care garden perennial in blue? Lo and behold, it's Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip' Buddleja from Proven Winners. Unlike its larger cousins, it stays under 3 feet tall without any pruning. Lo and Behold produces fragrant purplish-blue flowers all summer long, right up until frost. It doesn't even need dead-heading!

Buddlejas are also known as Butterfly bushes because they are magnets for these winged jewels. Lo and Behold is no exception and is often seen wreathed with butterflies! It is low-water using and deer don't eat them. Wow! Easy to grow, long blooming, aflutter with butterflies, it's hard to ask for more from any plant.

Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip' Buddleja is one of the latest triumphs from Proven Winners. Stop by regularly to see more of Proven Winners' colorful introductions.

When It Comes to Saving Water--Mulch Makes Cents!

Did you know that the single best thing you can do for your garden is also your best way to conserve water? A 2" to 3" layer of mulch can save up to 30 gallons of water per day in a 1,000 sq. ft. garden, according to a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News. Saving water is not only good for our planet, it saves dollars and cents too!

What should be mulched? Start with all the plants that you regularly water. Not only will mulch reduce moisture loss from evaporation, it improves your soil as it breaks down, and keeps that ugly crust from forming on the top of our clay soils. Another water-saving aspect is that 3" of mulch will keep weeds from stealing water and nutrients.

What to use as mulch? Homemade compost is great, but if you don't have enough, there are lots of alternatives available at Yamagami's Nursery:

Shredded Red Cedar works well on slopes because it will mat and hold. It is not as fine in texture as "gorilla hair" so it looks less messy. Many insects do not appreciate Red Cedar bark and will avoid it.

Bark Chips are available in different sizes. If you will need to walk on the area, choose Mini-Mulch or the small size of bark.

Soil Building Compost is a composted wood product with added beneficial microbes (mycorrhizae). Mycorrhizae are a group of fungi that have a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, increasing a plant's roots' ability to process water and nutrients from the soil . Soil Building Compost is available in 3 cubic feet bales.

• Organic materials, including Planting Mix or Harvest Supreme will all serve as mulch. So, if you have them, use them.

Soaker hoses, organic fertilizers and low water-using plants are all valuable for saving water in the landscape. Find all these and more at Yamagami's. Let our Nursery Pros help you save water, and save dollars and cents with our mulch selection and valuable information.

Don't forget that mulching makes sense as well as cents. Japanese maples, for example, will go through summer's hot, dry air so much more happily when they have been well mulched.

Coming Events

Sunday, May 13th
Mother's Day. Bring Mom in for a FREE Proven Winners quart pot of color with any purchase! Offer is for Saturday, May 12th and Sunday, May 13th.

Saturday, June 16th
Fuchsia Show, Demo and Sale:
10 AM to 2 PM. Come see some real shady beauties!

Wednesday, July 4th
Yamagami's Nursery is closed.

Ongoing Events

Friday mornings, 11 AM to 1 PM

Come let Dianne Jensen guide you through the design and planting process of creating your own colorful container gardens and salad bowls. All you pay for is the plants and container; the soil, fertilizer and instruction are FREE!

Strawberry Tortilla Crepes

These are a nice change for breakfast!

What You Need

  • 3 ounces cream cheese (low fat, softened)
  • 8 ounces strawberry low-fat yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 2 flour tortillas
  • 2 cups strawberries (sliced, stems removed)
  • sugar (to taste)
  • cinnamon
  • butter

Step by Step

  • In a medium-sized bowl, add the yogurt and cream cheese. Mix with an electric mixer until smooth. Then add the lemon juice and mix well.
  • In another bowl add as much sugar to the strawberries as you like, around 1/2 to 1 teaspoon.
  • Add a little butter to a frying pan and heat to medium. Place a tortilla on top of the butter and work it around to cover the tortilla with butter as it melts.
  • Place another slice of butter on top of tortilla.
  • Turn the tortilla over when it browns. The butter will cook into the tortilla.
  • Don't let the tortillas get too crispy. You will be rolling them with the filling inside.
  • When the first tortilla is done, remove it to a plate to cool.
  • Cook the next tortilla the same way, adding butter as needed.
  • When the tortillas are done, add a couple of spoonfuls of the yogurt mixture down the center of each tortilla.
  • Lay slices of strawberries on top of the yogurt mixture and sprinkle with a little cinnamon.
  • Roll each tortilla up with the seams facing down.
  • Add the rest of the yogurt mixture on top of the crepes and top with the remaining slices of strawberries.
  • Top with an additional sprinkle of cinnamon.

Servings: 2

Recipe from Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association -


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Since 1948, Yamagami's Nursery has been committed to the promotion of beauty and the plants, products and friendly, professional support needed to attain and maintain that Beauty. In my parents' footsteps (and Taro Yamagami's before them), I promise to continue that tradition. I invite you to visit us in the nursery and on our website, for help in making your yard into a beautiful garden.
Thanks for visiting,

Preston Oka

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