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Edition 13.46 Yamagami's Garden Center November 14, 2013
Store Hours: 7 Days a Week, from 9 AM to 6 PM
Winter Hours of 9 AM to 5 PM start on November 4th.
featured quote

Featured Quote:

"No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden."
Hugh Johnson

Harvest Sale!

Saturday and Sunday,
November 16th and 17th.

30 % OFF Outdoor Plants
1 gallon size and larger.

Special orders for currently available plants will also receive 30% OFF!

Sale includes Fruit Trees, Roses, Citrus,
Shrubs, Trees, and Vines!

Excluded from sale price are orders for sod, Christmas Trees
and 2014 Paper Potted Fruit Trees.



Hellebores Are Here!

Perennial lovers rejoice! We have just received a fresh shipment of hellebores! Hellebores are hardy perennials with lovely flowers that appear in late winter or spring. They have almost no pet or disease problems and are even deer-resistant! Their foliage can almost be as attractive as their flowers.

One of the loveliest new arrivals is 'Windcliff Double Pink.' It came from Dan Hinkley, the famed plant collector. Monrovia is now growing it and other plants from Dan Hinkley. 'Windcliff Double Pink' offers showy double blossoms at a time when other plants are just awakening. Come in to see 'Windcliff Double Pink' hellebore and check out the rest of our hellebores.


Deck Your Deck For The Holidays!

The holiday season is here and decorating is in full swing. Why not add a cone-shaped plant to your deck, front door, or garden that does double duty as landscape and décor. Weatherproof ribbons in different colors can be used for every holiday. Kids love contributing decorations.

Cone-shaped boxwood topiaries and Alberta Spruce are great candidates for containers or the landscape. Rosemary cone-shaped topiaries will do triple duty since keeping them trimmed provides clippings for cooking.

Why not deck more than just your halls?


Ruben's Color Pick: Primula obconica 'Libre'

Try adding Primula obconica 'Libre' to the garden for a burst of fresh color. They offer a whole different range of colors from their more common English Primrose cousins. Their pastel salmon, bright lavender-blue, magenta, orange and white blossoms are larger than English primroses, too.

'Libre' means free, and Primula obconica 'Libre' is "free-flowering," blooming continuously once it starts.

The plant itself is a soft green rosette 12" to 15" tall and 12" wide. It is happy in part shade and is even okay indoors for a few days.

Try Primula obconica 'Libre' in containers or in flower beds for a cheerful display though the cool gray season.


Get Ready for Jack Frost!

That's right, Jack Frost will be nipping at your garden, if he hasn't visited already. Get ready now so you won't be caught without supplies. Listen or read weather reports for frost warnings, especially when nights are clear. Another indicator is still air, when you can see smoke rising straight up from chimneys. With the right supplies on hand, you can keep your plants safe from frost damage.

One easy protective measure is spraying plants with Cloud Cover which keeps them from freeze drying. Covering tender plants with frost fabric provides great protection. We offer rolls of sheeting, sheets, and Frost Protek bags for individual plants or planters. These fabrics can be placed directly on the plants, then left on for a few weeks since they breathe and allow sunlight to penetrate.

If you prefer to use your own sheets or tarps, be aware that they must be kept from directly contacting the plants, and that they must be removed in the morning and replaced in the evenings.

Yamagami's has what you need to protect your tender plants and young seedlings. Click here to see our Frost Protection Guide for more tips. Stay a step ahead of Jack Frost by being prepared.


Coming Events

Sat, and Sun., Nov. 16th and 17th

Harvest Sale! 30% OFF Outdoor Plants in 1 gallon can or larger - including special orders for currently available plants.

Thurs., Nov. 28th

Yamagami's Nursery is closed for Thanksgiving.

Fri., Nov 29th

Yamagami's Cut Christmas tree lot opens!

Holiday Hours:

Yamagami's will close at 2 PM on Dec. 24th and remain closed Dec. 25th and 26th.
Yamagami's will close at 2 PM on Dec. 30th and remain closed Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st.

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3 day forecast

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