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"Nature does have manure and she does have roots as well as blossoms, and you can't hate the manure and blame the roots for not being blossoms."

~ Buckminster Fuller

Prolong Your Harvest!
Late-Season Tomatoes

Late-season tomatoes (AKA cool-season tomatoes) are tomatoes with a short growing season that are also tolerant of cooler nights once they start blooming. Ideally, they should be blooming in September to ripen fruit in time for your Thanksgiving feast. We offer several organically grown varieties to plant now. Here are a few to consider:

Bush Early Girl is a very quick to ripen tomato (54 days). The fruit is red, juicy, and gets 3" to 4" in diameter. It is a compact plant perfect for container growing.

Glacier is quite early (55 days) and well adapted to a cool season. Fruit is sweet and tasty, a red/orange, and about 2" in diameter. It is compact and grows well in containers.

Jet Star is prized for its low-acid flavor. It's not really lower in acid; it just has a high sugar content so it tastes low-acid. It bears prolific crops of medium-sized red fruit that ripen in 72 days.

Sun Gold is a very popular variety because it has a really high sugar content along with a tangy flavor. It consistently wins taste tests and is a big favorite with kids. It is a cherry tomato that ripens to a bright golden orange in 65 days. It adapts well to heat and cold.

Urbikany is from Czechoslovakia, so it is adapted to a short cool season. It bears prolific crops of delicious, sweet and juicy red cherry tomatoes that ripen in 60 days. It is compact and grows well in containers.

Garden Glory From
Down Under:
Kangaroo Paws!

Kangaroo Paws (Anigozanthos) have become increasingly popular in the last few years for their value in water-wise, easy-care gardens and for their pollinator-pleasing flowers. They have clumping evergreen sword-shaped leaves, topped with tall stems of unusually shaped, fuzzy flowers in bright colors ranging from lime green to purple. Plant them in the sun for best flowering. Both tall and dwarf varieties grow well in containers. Here are a few of the varieties currently in stock:

Bush Pearl is a dwarf variety (1 to 2 feet tall and wide) with sweet pink flowers. It is durable and a prolific bloomer!

Cape Aurora is a compact variety (2 to 2 1/2 feet tall and 1 1/2 feet wide), with bright yellow flowers.

Kanga Burgundy is a dwarf (1 to 2 feet tall and wide) plant, with deep red flowers. It’s an excellent container plant.

Rufus Backdraft is a medium-sized plant (2 to 3 feet tall and wide), with red flowers.

Gentle Farmers:
Start Your Seeds!

Yes, even though it's the dog days of summer, it is time to start your fall veggie gardens from seed. We have just received our fresh seed for the 2016-2017 seasons. We offer seeds from three reputable companies.

Renee's Garden Seed is in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and every variety they sell has been test-grown there. Additionally, Renee takes great care in sourcing her seeds and offers many European varieties of veggies. Many organic seeds are available.

Botanical Interests Seed offers a wide selection of seeds (over 600 varieties), including many organic choices and heirloom varieties. All their seed is untreated and GMO-free. New this year is a special display of micro-greens seed and baby vegetable seed.

Kitazawa Seed is a local company (East Bay) specializing in Asian varieties. We offer a good selection and can special order varieties not in stock. We have a Kitazawa catalog on display, where you can read descriptions of some of their lesser-known offerings.

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Yamagami's is looking for help in all departments from designers to cashiers to sales to facilities, full-time or part-time. If you are interested in working in our garden, pick up an application or email your resume to

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Look for special deals in every department! Fall is for planting nearly everything. Take advantage of great prices to plant the garden of your dreams.

Grilled Zucchini Parmesan

A quick and easy (and tasty) side dish for any grilled entrée from burgers to fresh fish.

What You'll Need:

  • 3 zucchini
  • 3 tbsp. butter, softened
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Step by Step:

  • Preheat an outdoor grill for medium-high heat; lightly oil the grate.
  • Cut zucchini in half crosswise, then slice each half into 3 slices lengthwise (6 slices per zucchini)
  • Mix butter, garlic, and parsley in a bowl, and spread the mixture on both sides of each zucchini slice.
  • Sprinkle one side of each slice with Parmesan cheese, and place the slices, cheese sides up, on the preheated grill (crosswise to keep them from falling through).
  • Grill the zucchini until the cheese is melted, and the slices are cooked through and show grill marks - about 8 minutes.


3 day forecast

3 day forecast


New Native Planting Mix
G&B Organics
Native Planting Mix
is ideal for CA natives and other water-wise plants.

Since 1948, Yamagami's Nursery has been committed to the promotion of beauty and the plants, products and friendly, professional support needed to attain and maintain that Beauty. In my parents' footsteps (and Taro Yamagami's before them), I promise to continue that tradition. I invite you to visit us in the nursery and on our website, for help in making your yard into a beautiful garden.
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