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Featured Quote

Featured Quote:

"A man should never plant a garden larger than his wife can take care of."
~T. H. Everett

Starter Tea Plants!
Camellia sinensis

Grow your own proper cuppa tea! We've just received starter tea plants, perfect for a mass planting. They grow well in containers. Try growing them as a hedge or border in part shade. They prefer an acidic soil, so follow our Azalea and Camellia Planting Guide. They offer dainty white flowers in the spring.

Even if growing your own tea is not your cuppa tea, tea plants are quite ornamental. Black, white, and green tea all come from the tender new growth of Camellia sinensis - just the leaf processing differs. Repeated trimming for tea harvest keeps the plants bushy and compact.

Fall Is A Second Spring
For Some Azaleas!

Some, but not all, Azaleas will bloom in fall as well as in spring. Plant breeders have been hard at work developing more varieties that will dependably put on a fall show.

One of the first series of Azaleas to rebloom is the Encore Azaleas. This series is sun and heat tolerant. Its color range is huge and getting bigger every year. All of the Encore Azalea names start with "Autumn" to reinforce their identity as fall bloomers. Currently we offer Autumn Amethyst, Autumn Carnation, Autumn Coral, Autumn Embers, and Autumn Fire.

Autumn Coral Encore

Another group of reblooming Azaleas is the Bloom-A-Thon® series. It was developed by Proven Winners for large flowers and a long, summer into fall, blooming season. Its color range is also increasing every year. Currently we offer Double Pink, Red, and Lavender Bloom-A-Thon® Azaleas.

Lavender Bloom-A-Thon®

Even though it is NOT a fall bloomer, Bollywood Azalea is still a showstopper in fall with its creamy white and green foliage. It is a recent introduction by Proven Winners. In spring, its large neon pink flowers dance across the rounded plant right into your heart!


Follow our Rhododendron, Azalea, and Camellia Planting Guide for guaranteed success!

What's New In Veggies!

African Potato Mint (Plectranthus rotundifolius) is related to mint but not actually a mint - and is also not a potato. (Why common names drive us crazy!)

It does, however, grow an edible tuber that resembles a potato, hence its name. The tubers are nutritious, high in protein, carbohydrates, iron and calcium. It is one of the "lost crops" of Africa.

It needs a long, hot growing season in the ground, so starting this time of year - it's best to keep it indoors in a sunny window through the winter. Plant it outside as the soil temperature keeps going up, much like a tomato. It sounds intriguing!

Fancy Figs?

If you love figs, this is the perfect time to add one to your edible garden. They are one fruit that should not be planted bareroot; in fact, we will not sell them that way, as the failure rate is so high. We have a great selection at this time, many with fruit!

Figs love full sun and, once established, are drought-hardy. Fig trees are easily trained into tree form, flat on an espalier, or kept as a large shrub. They grow well in containers, too. Currently we offer the following varieties:

Black Jack (compact Mission variety)

Black Mission

Brown Turkey

Corky's Honey Delight

Panache (Tiger Fig)

Peter's Honey

Violette de Bordeaux (compact variety)

4 Day Fall Sale
September 28th to
October 1st

40% OFF
Outdoor Plants

(1 gallon size and up)

Find savings up to 50% OFF select houseplants, pottery, giftware, statuary, and fountains!

Sale limited to stock on hand*
*Outdoor plants that are not in stock, but are currently available, can be special ordered for a 20% discount.
Sale discount cannot be combined with other offers.

All sales are final.

This is the perfect time to replace or refresh your indoor and outdoor landscape. Follow our Planting Guides for guaranteed success.

Prevent Annual Bluegrass Now!

Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) is a sneaky weed grass that sprouts in early winter after the first rains. At first you'll think your lawn is filling in. Then you'll notice that the newly sprouted grass stays a bright light green and is finer-bladed than your lawn. Then...just as you get to warm, lawn-loving weather, those new patches start to get flower heads followed by seed heads.

Now it looks really mangy. Worse, those patches turn brown in early summer and there isn't anything you can do about it. By this point, annual bluegrass has already produced gazillions of seeds waiting to sprout. What can you do?

Apply Bonide Crabgrass Preventer now to keep the annual bluegrass seeds from sprouting. It contains a pre-emergent which simply keeps seeds from sprouting for up to 3 months. (It is too early to use it to prevent crabgrass, which sprouts in January) If you use it now, you cannot try to seed your lawn for at least 3 months. It also contains fertilizer to encourage the existing lawn to fill in.

If you had annual bluegrass this year, use the preventer. If you saw it in your neighbor's lawn, use it. One tip to keep it from infesting your lawn: If someone else mows your lawn, make sure they rinse the blades of their mower to keep from spreading seeds.

Coming Events

Save These Dates!
Thursday, September 28th through Sunday, October 1st:

Fall Sale! Save 40 % on outdoor plants 1 gallon size and larger!

Look for special deals throughout the nursery!

Saturday, October 21st at 11 AM
Miniature Container Garden Class with Tammy MacKenzie.

$40 Fee covers materials and instruction. Space is limited, call us at 408.252.3347 to reserve your spot. It's a great project to do with family or friends!

3 day forecast

3 day forecast


Acid Planting Mix
Great for azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, gardenias, hydrangeas, citrus, blueberries, conifers, ferns, dogwoods and maples.

Since 1948, Yamagami's Garden Center has been committed to the promotion of beauty and the plants, products and friendly, professional support needed to attain and maintain that beauty. In my parents' footsteps (and Taro Yamagami's before them), I promise to continue that tradition. I invite you to visit us in the nursery and on our website, for help in making your yard into a beautiful garden.
Thanks for visiting,

Preston Oka

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