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Featured Quote:

"In the garden, Autumn is, indeed, the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil. And at no season, save perhaps in Daffodil time, do we get such superb colour effects as from August to November."
~Rose G. Kingsley, The Autumn Garden, 1905

Jazz Hands Fringe Flowers

Jazz Hands is a new series of Chinese Fringe Flowers (Loropetalum) developed by Proven Winners for vigor and outstanding flower and foliage form. Each member of the series offers something special for the landscape. These sun-loving shrubs are ideal for long lasting color.

Bold Jazz Hands is a showy shrub with very large, rich purple leaves that hold their color through the season. They display large, rosy-pink flowers. In fact, they offer the largest foliage and flowers of any Loropetalum. They can grow 5 to 6 feet tall with a mounded shape.

Dwarf White Jazz Hands features dark green foliage and large white flowers. It is a profuse bloomer spring to fall. A low, spreading shrub, it grows 1 to 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 foot wide. It makes a stunning low border.

Dwarf Pink Jazz Hands has plum-purple leaves and hot pink flowers. In growth habit, it resembles its dwarf white cousin, low and mounding. It performs equally well in containers or in the ground.

Variegated Jazz Hands goes through exciting color changes as it develops. New foliage emerges with pink and white splashes, and then matures to purple. It has raspberry pink flowers spring to fall. It grows 4 to 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Pruning to shape keeps the color show going.

Caper for Capers!

Capers are the pickled flower buds of the caper plant (Capparis spinosa). They are used to add zing to the flavor of French, Mediterranean, and Indian dishes.

The plants are attractive shrubs and quite drought-hardy when established. If you let those buds open, the flowers are lovely and very attractive to butterflies. The flowers develop into edible fruit.

The branches have spines, so the bush makes a great barrier hedge - like roses, but much sturdier. Pickling them is easy and little jars of them make great homemade gifts!

Renee's New Veggie
Seeds For Containers!

We have rearranged our indoor space, and seeds now have a great space! Our 2017-2018 seeds are in stock, including lots of new varieties. Renee's Garden Seeds are all tested in the Santa Cruz Mountains so we know they will thrive here.

New this year are a few seeds specifically listed as good for container growing. If kneeling and digging in wet, cold soil doesn't appeal, try planting in containers. Here are a few new suggestions:

Green Curls Kale has a nutty flavor, tender foliage and tops out at 15 inches tall. It has pretty, ruffled leaves that are nearly stemless. It can be harvested several times over the season.

Little Crunch Snap Pea is a sweet and crunchy snap pea. The vine only grows 24 to 30 inches tall.

If you stake them, they are easier to harvest. Children love these sweet, crunchy treats and so will you!

Little Hero Baby Leaf Spinach is a tasty, tender-leafed spinach that looks as good as it tastes. Leaves grow quickly to pickable size. Trim leaves often to keep new leaves coming. These will keep you in salads through the winter!

About Fall
(Spring-Blooming) Bulbs

Nothing sings spring in the garden like blooming bulbs! They seem to come from out of nowhere to full glory like magic. Buy the bulbs now while selection is good. You can wait to plant them until between Halloween and Christmas, when soil and air temperatures are cooler. Tulip and hyacinth bulbs should be chilled in paper bags in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator until planting to give them a false sense of winter chill. Paperwhite narcissus that you intend to "force" should also be stored that way. See our Tipsy Narcissus Guide for forcing instructions. Other bulbs should be stored in a cool dark place (like paper bags or shoeboxes in the garage) until planting. Follow our Fall Bulb Planting Guide for instructions.

"True" bulbs already have their flower formed inside and enough food stored to support the bulb's life cycle from dormancy to full glory. That is why they can be "forced" or tricked into blooming when just planted in stones and water or shallow pots. Bulbs that were forced should be treated as annuals and tossed after they are done blooming. If you plant daffodils and other true bulbs in the ground and want them to come back every year (naturalize), it is very important to keep the green leaves healthy as long a you can after the bulbs are done blooming. Those green leaves produce the food that is stored for next year's bloom.

Blooming bulbs are stunning in containers and can be planted by a single variety for a big impact or mixed and layered to produce a cycle of blooms. See our Layering Bulbs Guide for instructions. In containers or in the ground, adding a top cover of pansies or violas provides vibrant color all through the cool season. Come get inspired by all the pretty pictures and plant your own spectacular spring.

Spotlight on Daffodils (Narcissus):
Golden Trumpet daffodils are the real workhorses of our fall bulbs. They naturalize here as long as they do not get a lot of summer irrigation. That's why every spring you can see drifts of them blooming away along 280 and other roads. Neither gophers nor deer bother them! The larger the bulb, the larger the flower will be. Single-nose bulbs will produce one flower, while double-nose bulbs produce two. For container planting, choose the larger bulbs for more show, for mass plantings, go ahead and start with single-nose bulbs because they cost less and will get larger every year. We offer bags of 60 bulbs, perfect for mass plantings.

Coming Events

Saturday, October 21st at 11 AM
Miniature Container Garden Class with Tammy MacKenzie.

$40 Fee covers materials and instruction. Space is limited, call us at 408.252.3347 to reserve your spot. It's a great project to do with family or friends!

Monday, November 13th is the last day of the early order Cut Christmas Tree - a 10% discount.

Friday, November 17th Yamagami's Cut Christmas Tree Lot opens.

Thursday, November 23rd
Yamagami's is closed to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Holiday Hours:
Yamagami's will be closed Monday and Tuesday, December 25th and 26th and again on Sunday and Monday, December 31st and January 1st. We wish everyone joyous holidays!

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3 day forecast


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