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Edition 17.49 Yamagami's Garden Center December 7, 2017
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"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall."
~Larry Wilde, The Merry Book of Christmas


12 Days of Yamagami's Christmas Deals!

Join us in counting down to the big day with a series of exciting offers!

Tuesday, 12/12: 30% OFF all Camellias

Wednesday, 12/13: 30% OFF any Houseplants and Poinsettias

Thursday, 12/14: 30% OFF all Fruit Trees, including Citrus and Sub-Tropicals

Friday, 12/15: 30% OFF any Garden Gear - Hats, Gloves, and Shoes

Saturday, 12/16 30% OFF all Windchimes, Giftware, and Fairy Garden Furnishings

Sunday, 12/17 30% OFF all Succulents and Cacti

Monday, 12/18 30% OFF all Pottery, Statuary, and Fountains

Tuesday, 12/19: 30% OFF all Garden Tools

Wednesday, 12/20: 30% OFF Large plants in 15 gallon size and larger

Thursday, 12/21: 20% OFF any Soils, Fertilizers, and Mulches

Friday, 12/22: 30% OFF Trellises, Topiary Frames,and Arbors

Saturday, 12/23: 40% OFF Your entire purchase!

Yamagami's is closed Sunday, December 24th through Tuesday, December 26th, re-opening Wednesday, December 27th at 9 AM.


A New Cyclamen!


The Indiaka Series of Cyclamen was developed to be exceptionally prolific bloomers. They offer bicolored flowers in a range of colors. They thrive in morning sun outdoors and can be kept indoors in bright light for a couple of weeks.

Planting Your Garden Of Eatin'

If you want a fruitful garden to feed yourself and your family, start with young plants. They will take root more quickly and be sturdier in the long run.

They are also more trainable, easily planted trees, vines and bushes. Here's your chance with a large selection of edibles in liner pots at starter prices.

Our liner pot tree selections include apples, figs, mulberries, olives, pears, plums, pomegranates, and prunes. These trees are great candidates for grafting or budding, training as espaliers, and for hedgerow plantings. Consult our Backyard Orchard Culture Guide for planting ideas.

In addition to several varieties of blueberries, we offer blackberries, raspberries, olallieberries, and goji berries. These starter-size berries are great for planting a harvestable wall with "cane" berries and borders with blueberries and goji berries.

For your arbors or gazebos, we offer several table grape varieties and kiwis (male and female). These are large, vigorous vines that need sturdy support. The shade they cast is welcome in the summer and, oh, the decadence of reaching up to pluck a bunch of ripe grapes while lounging beneath.

Come see our selection of starter-size edibles and start the orchard that will feed your family for years to come. There's nothing like your very own garden of eatin'.

A Tasty Gift For
Your Favorite Foodies!

A container garden of herbs is handy for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh flavors. Many herbs grow through the winter - like parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Place the container in a sunny spot as close to the kitchen access as possible so stormy weather can't prevent snipping away. The size of the container will dictate the number and types of herbs you can plant. Come in to choose a container and we'll be happy to help you choose the right herbs.

Coming Events

Saturday, December 9th at 11 AM:
Fairy Garden Class with Tammy MacKenzie.

$40 fee covers instruction and materials to create and take home your own whimsical garden. It's a fun project to do with friends or family! Space is limited. Call us at 408.252.3347 to register. Attendees will receive 20% OFF their fairy garden purchases that day.

Tuesday, December 12th through Saturday, December 23rd
They begin with 30% OFF all Camellias and end on Saturday, December 23rd when we offer 40% OFF your entire purchase!

Holiday Hours:

Yamagami's is closed Sunday, December 24th through Tuesday, December 26th and reopening at 9 AM on Wednesday, December 27th. Yamagami's will also be closed on Sunday and Monday, December 31st and January 1st. We wish everyone joyous holidays.

Yamagami's Winter Garden Classes

Classes start at 11 AM and are FREE! Get here early to get a seat and dress warmly. Here is the line-up so far:

Winter Rose Care with Lorena Gorsche - Saturday, Jan. 13th and Sunday, Jan. 28th Class includes dormant spraying, pruning and general care.

Winter Fruit Tree Care with Kerri Gardner - Sun Jan 14th and Sat, Feb 10th. Class includes dormant spraying, pruning and general care.

Japanese Maple Pruning and Care with Roger van Klaveren Sat. Jan. 20th.

Winter Garden Pruning/Clean-up with Susan Hayden - Saturday, Jan 27th and Sat., Feb. 10th.

Vegetable Seed Starting Class with Hannah Soriano - Saturday, Feb. 17th.

Citrus Celebration and Tasting Sunday, March 18th (11 AM to 1 PM)

3 day forecast

3 day forecast


Acid Planting Mix
Great for Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, Gardenias, Hydrangeas, Citrus, Blueberries, Conifers, Ferns, Dogwoods and Maples.

Since 1948, Yamagami's Garden Center has been committed to the promotion of beauty and the plants, products and friendly, professional support needed to attain and maintain that beauty. In my parents' footsteps (and Taro Yamagami's before them), I promise to continue that tradition. I invite you to visit us in the nursery and on our website, for help in making your yard into a beautiful garden.
Thanks for visiting,

Preston Oka

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GBO Fruit Tree Fertilizer
Grow better tasting, more nutritious fruit, with more abundant crops.

Harvest Supreme
Improves a variety of soils for vegetable gardens or flower beds.

Vegetable fertilizer
Helps produce more abundant, better tasting and more nutritious vegetables.

Finally, the perfect soil for raised beds!

Potting Soil
The perfect container mix. It drains well, yet retains just the right amount of moisture around tender roots.

Soil Building Compost
Great for breaking up hard clay soils to improve drainage.