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Featured Quote:

"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."

~Francis Bacon

Fresh Off The Truck:
Bush Peonies!

Bush Peonies offer vibrant flowers, both single and double in crimson, purple, pink, cream, coral and nearly black. The clumping bush has ferny foliage, that dies back every winter. A single peony bush can produce bountiful bouquets of blossoms. Peony bushes can live for decades, providing beauty for several generations. Big and showy peony flowers debut in late spring. Flowers can reach up to 6" across. They prefer a sunny location with a bit of afternoon shade in the summer.

Their one demand is for winter chill. Plant them or place their pot where they will be exposed to as much frost as possible. Some people use a whiskbroom in the fall to gently whisk the soil from the crown of the root. Put a tray of ice cubes on the exposed roots every night in December and January. This ensures best spring flower production. Simply add mulch the following spring as they start to leaf out. Following are some of the varieties in stock.

Bowl Of Beauty is named for its fuchsia-pink petals that create a bowl around a creamy yellow center. They are displayed on sturdy, upright stems above the lush green foliage. It's a wonderful choice for a cut flower to be.

Buckeye Belle offers semi-double, velvety, dark red blossoms. The deep, rich color looks amazing when combined with yellow flowers. Use as a showy spring specimen in mixed shrub borders.

Madame Emile Debatene has gorgeous salmon-pink, fully double blossoms. They resemble long-stemmed tutus and are exceptionally festive in the spring garden.

The Buzz Is...
The Queen's The Thing!!

Now is when young yellow jacket queens hatch and emerge, and fly out searching for a place to nest. What if your backyard looks like Eden to her?

Prevent a summer of invading, aggressive yellow jackets by trapping queens now before they can set up nests in your garden.

Biocare® Yellowjacket and Traps use pheromones to attract them. The queens enter the trap, get stuck - and the result is no nest. Traps are non-toxic and do not attract bees. We recommend placing a few strategically in the outer areas of your garden (away from entertaining areas) for best results. You'll want to suggest to your neighbors that they set traps too.


Digiplexus: A Delight for Hummingbirds!

Digiplexus is a foxglove cross of exceptional beauty! It came on the garden scene a few years ago and several cultivars have been developed. We are excited to offer three beauties in quart size pots, ideal for mass plantings. They have a tropical look but are quite sturdy and perennial too. They grow to about 3' tall and 2' wide in sun to part shade. Their flower spikes sing a siren song to hummingbirds, butterflies and bees spring through fall.

Illumination® 'Flame' was one of the first cultivars to debut. Its blossoms have shades of pink, orange, and yellow so from a distance they appear peach-colored. It is stunning!

'Berry Canary' flaunts flower spikes of pink, and creamy-yellow blossoms with magenta freckles. It is a terrific cut flower!

Illumination® 'Raspberry' has spikes of bright, raspberry-pink, tubular flowers. It is a prolific bloomer with a long blooming season from spring until frost.

Watch For Citrus Leafminers!

Place ISCAlure Citrus Leafminer traps in your Citrus trees now to start monitoring. Traps work by attracting the leafminers with a pheromone they can't resist.

Citrus leafminer is a winged pest attracted to new growth of citrus where it lays its eggs. They hatch and the larva tunnel while feeding in the leaf between the upper and lower surfaces. This feeding is called "mining." There is nothing minor about it.

Symptoms are curled new growth, with whitish trails on the leaf. If you are not sure, bring a small branch (in a plastic bag) to the Info Center for diagnosis. If you see the damage, do not cut it off (except for a small sample to show us) because that will stimulate new growth, which attracts more citrus leafminers.

If you had leafminers last year, chances are good you will again this year. Monitoring the traps will let you know when they are back.

If your trap starts to fill, then you'll want to spray with OMRI approved Monterey Garden Insect Spray. It will take 3 applications, 10 days apart, to knock them out. Spray at dusk, so as not to spray your bees. Don't let leafminers get out of control. Early intervention will save you much grief.

Coming Events

Sunday, March 18th from noon to 2 PM:
Celebration of Citrus
, featuring a Citrus Tasting! Citrus-based goodies will also be served. Talk with the grower for tips and suggestions for citrus in your garden. Come taste winter's gold and discover a new Citrus favorite.

Saturday, March 24th at 2 PM or Sunday, March 25th at 2 PM:
Starting Your Organic Vegetable Garden with Hannah Soriano.

From soil to seeds to plants, the class covers everything you need to know. Class is FREE and attendees will get 20% OFF your vegetable purchases those days.

Easter Sunday Special Sale
April 1st, 9 AM to 2 PM!

When you bring your items to the cashier, you get to choose an Easter Egg with a discount of 20% to 50% written inside! Details in store. Note: We are closing at 2 PM.

April 4th through April 8th:
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

A fun experience for the whole family. Display gardens, garden talks and an amazing array of garden merchandise await. It's all happening at the Cow Palace in SF. Buy your tickets here to avoid the lines at the show. Bring your ticket back after the show and receive $10 off any $40 or larger purchase!

3 day forecast

3 day forecast


Eden Vally
G&B Organics Eden Valley Blend Potting Soil with BiocharMax™. BiocharMax™ is a soft-wood biochar that provides soil, plant and environmental benefits.

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